Online High School Diploma


Digital Schooling is a developing and catching phenomenon and it is doing a pretty good job at catching up with the conventional schooling structure. It is simple, convenient, flexible and much more. And above all, it is gaining recognition and acceptance. International Schooling is one of the few ACCREDITED Digital Schools in the world providing a high school diploma online. And it indeed is accredited by AdvancED, the largest accreditation agency in the world.

It means that students getting enrolled and completing their schooling from this digital school will be considered at par with students graduating from conventional US schooling system. It also means that the universities and colleges would treat the two as 'EQUALLY ELIGIBLE' for undergraduate admissions (considering other things being equal as far as the credentials of students are concerned). A student completing his High School (Grade 12) from International Schooling would be awarded an American High School Diploma from an accredited online school, which indeed is the criterion for acceptance from any conventional school as well.

So what indeed is the difference? Well, the difference is reflected in the long list of advantages that a digital schooling system offering an online high school diploma presents. This American High School Diploma from International Schooling is earned by the student in a more comfortable, conducive, student-centric and flexible learning environment, which is decided according to student's preference. Not only that, International Schooling also provides solution to all homeschooling problems. A student can earn a homeschool high school diploma with support from the well structured curriculum and resources provided by International Schooling.

It is akin to carrying your entire school in your device and attending it at your own convenience. It could also mean that while the student was attending this digital school, she or he was pursuing many other interests and activities, besides just working towards earning an online High School Diploma. That creates more opportunities for the student to invest additional time in building hobbies, personality and career. Students can concurrently attend their regular 'conventional' school and a digital school, independent or supportive of each other, eventually earning their 'conventional' school qualification as well as the American High School Diploma from International Schooling. It is absolutely a 'low risk and high reward' proposition.

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