Imagine a world where one can choose what one wants to learn. Imagine a world where one can choose when and how to learn. Imagine a world where education and learning is embedded in your daily life a world without barriers to learning, a world of Learning with Freedom. A child’s journey of learning begins the moment she/he enters this world. From the early social and environmental learning to basic language structures and counting, there is so much that a child learns before being ready for regular schooling. Even when the child begins to absorb learning at school, the background, interest and education of parents and family members plays an important role in strengthening and reiterating that education.

A well-informed parent or sibling can have a critical positive effect in enhancing the learning at school. International Schooling goes one step ahead and endeavors to create that positive learning environment through Collective and Comprehensive Education. Our students are not the only ones who benefit from our vision. The parents, the siblings and society at large are educated by our efforts. Creating an optimal learning environment on the go is central to our conviction. A smarter and more informed family should be able to discuss varied subjects of scholastic learning across the dining table. With the advent of smartphones, tablets and technology at large, learning can be combined with better learning environments of choice and ease.

Our students have the freedom to complete their tutorials while sitting in the park, finish the assignments while lying on the couch or take their evaluation while travelling in the bus, just to cite a few examples. Your school and your learning stays and moves with you. And yet you are ahead of many of your compatriots. International Schooling is not just about the conventional method of K-12 schooling. It is indeed a new-age Convenient Schooling. It assimilates the central theme and practices of both conventional and contemporary schooling philosophies. It is progressive, continuous and evolving.

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