Physical Education

Physical Education encompasses learning how to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This course covers physical fitness, why it is important, how to have a healthy attitude, and how to stick with a healthy game plan. In this ever-changing world, physical fitness becomes more important and more difficult to find the time for. This course allows the student to discover how to make physical fitness not only a part of their daily life, but also see that it is attainable. This course leads the student to discover healthy behaviors and sets the tone for physical fitness as well as healthy exercise. PE for a Healthy Lifestyle will examine the emotional, physical, and scientific factors that influence physical performance. This course is designed for anyone, ranging from the beginner to advanced abilities.

Major Concepts:

  • Fitness and Health Concepts
  • FITT Principles
  • Biomechanics Principles
  • Health and Fitness Plans
  • Weight Training
  • Nutrition
  • Sportsmanship & Safety
  • Sports Strategies
  • Skill-Related Fitness
  • Movement Skills
  • Individual & Team Excellence
  • Rhythmic Movement

S.No. Fee Component Amount (USD) Description
1 Subject Fee $ 400 To be paid by the student at the time of Registration.
2 Examination Fee $ 100 To be paid within 3 months of Registration.

Grade Level

Grade 9 - 12





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