Teacher FAQs

At International Schooling, teachers and educators form the backbone of academic quality and infrastructure. We welcome teachers and subject-matter experts to empanel themselves with us, and contribute to the cause of quality-learning. Our group of teachers work continuously to bring the best in teaching and learning to our students, making sure that nothing but the best is delivered in our quest for educational excellence. We welcome teachers and educators around the world, to know more about us and ask us their queries. In this regard, we have begun this process of information-exchange through a small set of queries that we have addressed here.

Answer 1: International Schooling considers its pool of expert teachers and academicians as one of its core strengths. We have an ongoing and comprehensive study that we conduct internally, to arrive at the requirement and vacancies for teachers. We always welcome teachers from all nationalities, subjects and levels to apply to us.

If you are a teacher and are willing to be a part of this wonderful revolution in the world of teaching and learning, we welcome you to apply to us on info@internationalschooling.org. with your current resume/CV accompanied with a covering letter, detailing about your current role, your availability and your vision in applying and getting empaneled in our academic team. Our Academic Council would duly evaluate your profile and candidature and come back to you. In most cases, we conduct a short online interview, followed by an online training session on the vision, product and expectations of International Schooling.

Upon the successful completion of the process above, and post successful feedback of our Academic Council members regarding your candidature, you are formally issued a letter of empanelment.

Answer 2: At International Schooling, you will enjoy the benefits and privilege of being a frontrunner at this 'new-age' endeavor of teaching and learning. You will have exposure and access to a larger and more diverse group of students, across nationalities, cultures and disciplines. You may also be provided an active platform to participate in the development and revision of curriculum, syllabus and teaching/learning mechanisms. In totality, International Schooling offers its academic team, a very rich and varied exposure to all areas of academics.

Answer 3: International schooling believes that teachers, students and all its other stakeholders should thoroughly enjoy the work, culture and challenges at International Schooling. We believe that all worthy teachers and educators must be free to decide, how much and how long will they contribute to our mission. Keeping this in mind, we offer opportunities for full-time as well as part-time engagements. You can be empaneled as a teacher at International Schooling and work at multiple other locations and institutions simultaneously.

Answer 4: At International Schooling, we have a dynamic calendar that lists down lecture timings, and then allows our empaneled teachers to choose from the lectures that they would like to take. In this manner, there is complete freedom and flexibility offered to teachers to choose their topics and time, in accordance with their convenience.

Answer 5: Yes, International Schooling pays its teachers for all their contribution and services. During your empanelment, you will be apprised of your remuneration by one of the members of our Academic Council.

Answer 6: A teacher can associate with International Schooling in many ways, besides teaching. Let us list down a few examples of such prospective associations. If you are a teacher associated with an institution, you can always choose to refer that institution for becoming our 'Study Campus'. If you support students in their Homeschooling endeavor, we welcome you to become a part of our mission, and offer such learning through our platform. We are also platform to teachers who serve the dual role of teaching and teacher-training.

You are welcome to write to us on info@internationalschooling.org. and suggest us more regarding what you do, and how you would possibly like to associate with us. Our Academic Council would consider your application and thoughts, and follow it up with a discussion with you. If there are synergies between what you propose, and what we do, we will look forward to suggest a suitable model of association.



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